Meet Danna DiElsi owner of the Silk Touch

Danna DiElsi, owner of The Silk Touch, located in Fairfield County, CT
has 18 years of design experience with an eye for color and decor. Danna
offers on site consultation in your home or office and will ensure your

satisfaction by helping you understand the floral statements you

desire. The Silk Touch uses only the finest imported silk for all their floral

arrangements. The end result will give you a quality product that will

last a long time and is affordable. Enjoy luxurious flower arrangements

all year long with The Silk Touch!


We customize floral arrangements
with the finest Silk in the world for
corporate and residential interiors.
We welcome your ideas too!

We offer a very affordable leasing program which has been very well received. This
program allows our clients to change their floral pieces on a weekly, monthly or quarterly
basis. Because we take into consideration each client's room ambience and decor, each
floral piece is carefully designed to meet their particular needs.